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All intellectual property companies protect brands of its customers around the world to prevent their usurpation, the .tn is among the most reserved extentions since 2014. After the Tunisian revolution, democracy permits more of freedom and openness in the international market to strengthen the business in Tunisia, which is why the number of .tn increased 15 time in 5 years. However, domain names in .tn are considered by Google as generic top level domain names (ccTLDs, just like .com, .net, .org, etc.), as they are generally perceived by users and webmasters as generic and not specific to the country to which they are theoretically reserved collaborates with international leaders for over 4 years, our Listens and our expertise has allowed our clients to have a quality service following an automated system that allows full and independent management of portfolios.

Easy domains setup

with your prepaid pack, you only have to register the domain name in the name of your customers without any intervention by, it will be activein 5 min without a verification period..

more than 30 IP company trust as for 4 years now.

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No hidden prices

You only pay what we pay to the .tn registry no hidden surplus services. Our goal is to be the most recorded ccTLD worldwide.

DNS Change, Technical and admin change of name, redemption period and also DNSSEC are free.

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Reseller API Program

you want your customers to take the hand from your site and automatically records their .tn domains, no problem simply integrate our API. Change of name, registration, transfer, DNS Change, domain deletion and also billing

contact us for more information on the procedure.

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80+ Domains

This prepayed account is for domain brokers who invest on our startup extention, more . than 500000 salable domains are free until 2016.

do not miss the opportunity to quickly save strategic domains that will be a fortune tomorrow, start from now.

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200+ Domains

This prepayed account is for Middle Stage Company who protect Brands and resell domains . for their costumers with MENA Activity.

do not miss the opportunity to quickly save strategic Brands that will be a cybersquatting Target in Tunisia.

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500+ Domains

This prepayed account is for International IP Firm who need secure partnership in Tunisia with an unbeatable price.

to trust us, just as you do a whois on any great brand that come to mind, you will find that the domain is already with as.

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API+ Domains

Our .tn will be like your .com, you are the direct registrar from your site, you will be the admin and the local presence in Tunisia..

your conflicts, your trademark and your Patent will be our Job, a monthly standby for your brands by our care.

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Special offers from our Registry

Get exclusive offers from our partners when you purchase Reseller account

Your Costumers need more security and monitoring for their Brands, with the .tn registry, we propose a DNSSEC system for free with every prepayed domain, also a monitoring system with weekly report of the Brand in social networks and tunisian Blogs about your Brand.